Ithaca Dances

Country dancing is friendly and open to everyone. All dances are taught. We feature the finest in live acoustic music, with both local and out-of-town performers.
New dancers are very welcome. You don't need to come with a partner, but do bring clean, soft soled shoes and comfortable clothes.
There's a dance just about every Friday night at 8pm, at the Montessori School of Ithaca, 120 East King Road. The school is about 2 miles south of the Ithaca Commons, just off Route 96B. For more information, check out Tompkins County Country Dances.

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Date Description
Current   Please check out the TCCD Web site for an up-to-date schedule of events.
January 1998 30-January-1998 "Cat Woman" Katy Heine is trekkin' out to the dance in her Tofu Snowshoes. Don't let the weather bother you...we'll all be there for a fun evening.
23-January-1998 What's dry and cold weather and wet in warm weather? Why, snow, of course. Isn't that the Contradiction to beat 'em all? Vivien Rose calling.
16-January-1998 Guess who can spend a week on a beach in a sunny climate, and not get a tan? Your caller, Pamela Goddard, that's who. She'll be joined by a few more potato skins from Syracuse, the Near Mrs.
09-January-1998 "It only hurts when I breathe...," says the leader of our Amazing Azmatiks, in answer to the question, "Doesn't that spear in your chest hurt?" Not when it's a Nancy Spero!
December 1997 19-December-1997 Let's dress up for the holidays, celebrate the Winter Solstice, and move to the music of the Amazing Azmaticks. Vikki Armstrong will call.
12-December-1997 A high energy night is guaranteed, with music from a young, new group, Mrs. Hoggenschmidt. Long time dancers will recognize Peter Blue, Dana Paul, and Amy Merrill from Hog Tie Sessions. Calling with them will be Ithaca's own Katy Heine.
05-December-1997 It's like the first gift of the holiday season. David Kaynor is coming to town to play a couple of dances with Spare Parts. We'll enjoy David's wry, crusty New England style of calling on Friday, and all three musicians will return on Sunday for and English Country with Pamela Goddard calling (see separate article).
The information for July, August, September, October,and November is at the TCCD Web site
July 1997 11-July-1997 We have a great bunch of musicians coming from the province of Quebec (that's in Canada). More precisely, the town of Joliette. That's why we call them the Joliette Quebec All-Stars, and why Peter Blue is calling.
04-July-1997 Pamela Goddard and the Accidentals. When you join us for this evening's dance, it just might feel like fireworks. Pamela Goddard and the Accidentals. Make no mistake, it's gonna be a good dance.
June 1997 27-June-1997 Nancy Spero and Tofu Showshoe. Join us for a great night of dancing here in Ithaca. Nancy brings a great selection of dances to be enjoyed with Tofu Snowshoe of Rochester. Hot tunes, seasoned just right!
20-June-1997 Vivien Rose and Paul Viscuso and Friends. This band has another name, but they can't use it unless all 25 musicians are playing.
13-June-1997 No Dance tonight. The Montessori School of Ithaca is using the hall for their annual school play.
06-June-1997 Join us for some of the best, west of T'burg & Podunk! Vikki Armstrong and the Crumtown Ramblers. There might be some surprise Finnish fiddlers. You never know. Come for the surprises.
May 1997 30-May-1997 Syracuse & Ithaca meet again with the eclectic energy of a new band (including Margaret Mathews) Near Mrs. The groove will be a direct hit! Pamela Goddard shares some of her favorite dances.
23-May-1997 Tonight, welcome Syracuse "local" David Smuckler to call some solid dances. Solid music provided by Last Call.
16-May-1997 We're gonna be treated to some great out of town talent. Paul Rosenberg has been keeping dance going in the Albany region for as long as we can remember. We're always thrilled when the youthful Beverwick String Band comes to our town. Bring your friends!
09-May-1997 Some familiar faces have joined together in a new band. Brewster & Hart are sure to win us over. Nancy Spero will call a garden full of dances.
02-May-1997 Dress in Spring finery for a May Day Celebration with the oh-so-fashionable dances of Katy Heine and the Passing Fancies. Let's out-dazzle the Goldfinches! The flavor is brassy yet sweet.
April 1997 25-Apr-1997 It's down-home, it's international. There's a Celtic overtone with the music of Last Call. And hearty Canadian fun when Vikki Armstrong shares some of her favorite dances. A good time is guaranteed.

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