Voices of Winter Concert: Herdman Hills Mangsen

What: Cornell Folk Song Club Concert
When: Friday, November 30, 2001
Where: Anabel Taylor Hall Auditorium,
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
How Much: $12 / usual discounts

Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy Mangsen present, courtesy of the Cornell Folk Song Club, Voices of Winter. This special concert features both seasonal and holiday music with songs arranged and performed in a fresh and enchanting style. The concert will be filled with songs old and new, familiar and uncommon. Some will be sad and poignant, others will be quite funny or playful. They may sing a few traditional carols and some songs they have written themselves, but each song the trio sings is created anew as they interweave their rich and soulful harmonies.

Over many years, each of these remarkable performers has graced the stage for the Cornell Folk Song Club, and twice before we've brought them to Ithaca as a trio. Some of us wish we could bring them every year, but it has been five years since all three performed together in Ithaca.

Anne, Cindy, and Priscilla have an uncanny ability to merge their distinctive voices, making a game of "losing" themselves in shifting songlines. Their inventive, intricate harmonies are complemented by strong instrumental work on guitar, banjo, and concertina. The supple interplay of Anne's pure, soaring soprano, Priscilla's lyrical melody, and Cindy's haunting, wise alto sounds as easy as breathing. They can brighten the grayest winter Ithaca can dish out. They'll generate soul-fuel: glorious singing, well-chosen music, great company. Enough zest and warmth to see you through 'til spring!

Tickets are available at Ithaca Guitar Works, Then and Now (I-Town) Records, Bound for Glory, and at the door. You may also order tickets online.

(Margaret Shepard with JH)

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