Lou and Peter Berryman in Concert

When: Saturday, March 28, 1998, 8:00pm
Where: 165 McGraw Hall
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
How Much: $10

For those of you who don't know the Berrymans:

I should warn you that Peter and Lou Berryman are really space aliens disquised as folk musicians. I betcha they haven't sung a real folk song in their whole career. And have you ever seen any musician other than Lou play an accordian on a stick?
But that doesn't matter, Peter and Lou are the comic stars of the folk circuit. They sing about the complexities of modern life from the weirdest, funniest, and most insightful perspective you will like hear anywhere.

Oh, and by the way, since 165 McGraw is not that large, you might want to buy your tickets early.

For all you loyal Berryman fans:
Since you wouldn't miss them anyhow, I don't need to tell you who they are. So, instead, here's a quiz to see if you really know as much as you thought you did.

1) Which of the following statements are true:

   A) Peter and Lou were married to each other in 1967. 
   B) Peter and Lou had a five year honeymoon in Canada. 
   C) Peter and Lou got a divorce in 1974. 
   D) Peter and Lou became a professional duo in 1975.
   E) Peter is now married to Mark Hodgson. 
   F) Lou is now married to Kristi Seifert.
   G) Mark and Kristi must be even weirder than Peter and Lou.

2) The following statements are true about which member of the duo?
   A) was born in Philadelphia, but spent formative years in Appleton, WI.  
   B) writes the lyrics.
   C) has taken photographs with a camera suspended from a kite.
   D) has an Ithaca connection in the form of
      a sister who is an actress and theater professor here.

3) The following statements are highly, or at least partly,
   untrue about which member of the duo?
    A) is accomplished on piano-accordion, 
       button accordion, piano, harpsichord, 
       banjo, viola de gamba, saxophone, lute, 
       guitar, and underwater mouseflute.
    B) has a degree in art history, kung fu, and fiber optics. 
    C) lets the other member of the band write
       both the melodies and lyrics.
    D) handles most of the band business, 
       except for filling the tank. 
But whether you are long time Berryman fans or haven't heard them before, the Berryman concert promises to be an event you won't forget (possibly because you will be laughing so hard, you'll fall out of your seat and hurt yourself.)

(John Henderson)

Contact: Ginny at 607.272.3471 or Email to Bill (no, not Gates)
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Answers to the Berryman quiz
1) They are all true, except the last statement.  
No one can be weirder than Lou and Peter.

2) Peter is guilty on all four counts.

3) Those were false statements about Lou. 
Although she is accomplished on piano-accordion, 
button accordion, piano, harpsichord, banjo, 
viola de gamba, saxophone, lute, and guitar, 
she doesn't play the underwater mouseflute 
(as far as I know). Lou has a degree in art history, 
but not in kung fu or fiber optics. 
Lou writes the melodies. She handles most of 
the band business, and she also fills the tank.